WooCommerce Two-Factor Authentication

The Authentication Workflow: How It Operates
The procedure is simple once the plugin is activated:
1. In addition to the Username and Password boxes on the login page, the customer will also see the new OTP field and the “OTP send” button (the login button won’t be shown until the OTP is delivered).

2. He will get the OTP by email after entering his username and email and clicking the “OTP send” button, and the login button will then show up.
3. Following that, the client can input the OTP and continue with the login.

Outstandingly customizable
With the admin section, the shop administrator may change the subject, error message, and more! He also has access to additional parameters, like the OTP length and validity duration.

woocommerce two factor authentication
woocommerce two factor authentication

The OTP is a randomly generated 12-character string. The OTP has a limited shelf life (by default, 5 minutes), after which it expires. The plugin also monitors the user’s number of tries in order to avoid brute force assaults. By default, the OTP expires after three unsuccessful tries. The settings menu allows you to adjust all of the parameters.

After creating an account using the “My Account” section, the plugin gives users the option to disable WooCommerce’s automatic login process. Due to this, the user must log in using the log-in page and utilize the OTP that was issued to their registered email address.

NOTE: It is not possible to prevent the autologin that occurs when creating an account through the Checkout page. The create account option must finally be entirely disabled using the WooCommerce -> Settings -> account & Privacy section.
WPML: The WPML translation plugin is supported by the plugin. For each installed language, all texts are adaptable and transcribed.


Collected Source: This theme is sourced from Themeforest Free File.

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