How to create a website

What is a website?

A website is a page on a web server, which is a host on a specific server. That page contains various texts, videos, and images, and a name uses that page, i.e., the page is identified through a domain. Like is a website, is a website.
What are the things needed to create a website?
To start building websites, you must know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After you create a website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can host it on Life Server. To create a website, you need to know HTML and CSS. At this time, you can create a website by dragging and dropping through WordPress without any coding knowledge.

How to create a website
How to create a website
How many types of websites?

Websites are basically of two types one static website and another dynamic website.

What is a static website?

Websites that are created only through HTML, css javascript are called static websites. If you want to change any content on a static website, you need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. You must know the code before you can modify any content on this website.

What is a dynamic website?

Dynamic websites where you can change the website’s content without knowing the code are called dynamic websites. Websites are made active through various cms platforms such as WordPress and Laravel. However, 70% of websites in the world are created in WordPress. Someone who doesn’t know code can also create a website with WordPress. And he can manage the website. WordPress dashboard is a very user-friendly dashboard.

How to create a website with drag and drop?

You can create a website through Dragon Drop. But you can create it on the WordPress platform. There are many Dragon Drop website builders in WordPress. Among them, the most popular website builder is Elementor, a widely used plugin worldwide. You will find many videos on YouTube about this. You will understand how to create a website with Elementor through Dragon Drop by watching YouTube videos.

We know through this blog how you can create your website, and using the WordPress platform, you can create a website without knowing the code. In short, you can create a website after learning these three web languages HTML, CSS javascript.

Also, you can easily create a beautiful dynamic website with drag and drop in no time.

How to install WordPress:

1. Download WordPress form
2. unzip The file.
3. Put the file Your Xampp or Server Local Directory
4. Create Database
5. Browse the Directroy
6. Select Language
7. Put Your Database Name and Database User and Password Then Next
8. Look a form which film Propar info like website name, login username, password etc thene install
9. Yes Sucessfully Installed your WordPress!

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