How do you remove page builders from WordPress

From time to time, we use page builders on our website for various reasons. Some popular page builders include Element Page Builder, Divi Page Fielder, etc. Today we will learn how to remove page builder on your website in this blog.

What is Page Builder? :

Pagebuilder is a function or a plugin of WordPress through which any content or complete website can be created on any website without any coding knowledge. Currently, these page builders are very popular in WordPress. The only reason these page builders have become popular is that no coding knowledge is required to use these page builders, a website layout can be created instantly through drag and drop, and even an entire website can be made. The famous WordPress page builder is Elementor page bulider, Divi Page Builder, Elegent Theme Page builder, Js Composser Page builder etc

How do you remove page builders from WordPress
How do you remove page builders from WordPress

If you want to remove the page builder from a website, you have to follow some steps.

1. Identify the Page Builder:

WordPress supports many page builders, Element David Builder being one of them. Each of these page builders is distinct and has unique features.

2. Deactivate the page Builder Plugins:

In most cases, these page builder plugins are installed in WordPress. So if you want to remove a page builder on a WordPress website, you have to deactivate the said page builder by going to the plugin section.

3. Delete The Page Builder plugin:

After deactivating it, you must delete it from the WordPress panel.

4. Check your website content:

After deleting the login, check your website content. After uninstalling the pretty builder plugin, the website’s content is mainly random. Since the website used the Press Builder plugin, different pages of the Setu website may have shortcodes in other content, so you need to clean the shortcodes using the ‘Shortcode Cleaner Lite plugin.

Another important thing is that you will notice some changes in the design of your website after uninstalling and deleting the Pagebuilder plugin. If you can’t see it in the previous state, taking a complete backup of your website before deleting or deactivating the plugin is recommended. And if you want to use the new page builder plugin, you can uninstall the previous plugin first and install the new plugin.

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