Flatsome Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Flatsome Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme With this theme, you can create different types of websites like e-commerce, company website, client website, and freelancing website. This theme has a superfast and responsive website and excellent user experience features. Unlimited options panel, responsive, and page builder, you can create a website without any coding knowledge with this theme.
So far this is flatsome Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme has been sold more than two lakh times on Themeforest.
Orphan also has several features. With one click, you can install their ready demo websites. Also, the pace loading speed of this theme is very fast. This theme is the multi-language team. You can create any website of your business with this theme.

Flatsome Multi Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme
Flatsome Multi Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme
Flatsome Overview:
  1. Updates Lifetime
  2. Capable With WordPress 4.9 to 6.0+
  3. Capable with 3.9 to 6.0+
  4. Supported WPML With include .op
  5. Page Builder Drag and Drop
  6. Good SEO Rank
  7. Online Documentation: https://docs.uxthemes.com/
  8. Multi-browser supported
  9. Included Child Theme
  10. Ready demo
  11. PSD and other files included

if you want, You can download this GPL Lisence Flatsome Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Themeforest Live Demo: 

Download Theme:



How to install WordPress:

1. Download WordPress form WordPress.org
2. unzip The file.
3. Put the file Your Xampp or Server Local Directory
4. Create Database
5. Browse the Directroy
6. Select Language
7. Put Your Database Name and Database User and Password Then Next
8. Look a form which film Propar info like website name, login username, password etc thene install
9. Yes Sucessfully Installed your WordPress!


What is GPL License Theme:

GPL License Theme is a General Public License theme. The License allows theme users can be to study, run, share and modify it.


Is GPL Free Commercial Use?

GPL is an open-source General Public License. Software licensed under the GPL can be used by anyone. Anyone can deposit the source code with him. He can edit and modify the source code if he wants but can never claim it as his own. However, if someone wants to use any GPL software for commercial purposes, then there are conditions in some cases.


The GPL theme we have shared with you. It is 100% clean virus free, collected from various open resources available on the internet. So try to use it only for education Purposes. Not for commercial use.

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