Best ways to make money online

In this Blog, we will discuss how we can earn money through blogging. Many people in the world are now making millions of dollars through blogging. Blogging is a platform where you will generate automatic dollars after you work patiently for some time. Currently, there are millions of bloggers in the world who are working in different niches. And on this everyday blogger publishes millions of articles on their websites. From amazon to various selling platforms, you can earn by affiliate products. Blogging allows you to make dollars by joining multiple affiliate programs and Google Ads. You have to work on any patiently. Many bloggers earning dollars in this world through blogging have taken it as a full-time job.

What is Blogging:

What is blogging? In simple words, writing something in detail on a subject and publishing that writing on a web platform is basically called blogging.

How to Earn Dollars Through Blogging:

With your beautiful Blog website, you can easily earn from 1000 to 100000 dollars per month through Google Adsense and affiliate programs.

Best ways to make money online your choice
Best ways to make money online your choice

What is Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is an advertising hub of Google. Google displays its ads on all the websites in its search engine, and the money earned from these ads is Google’s income and bloggers’ income.

What is an Affiliate:

 A program is a system through which you earn some commission by selling other people’s products. We know that at this time we have many established e-commerce websites with millions of products. By displaying these products on your blog website, you will encourage your blog customers to buy the product. If the reader of your Blog buys that product then you will get some part of that product as a commission, the commission you get from that product is basically called an affiliate. If I give examples of some affiliate program websites then firstly I have to say, eBay, Walmart Etc.

 What is required to create a blog website:

 First, to create a blog website you need to buy a domain like .com, then you need to buy hosting, then with the help of a professional web developer, you will create a beautiful blog website.

 So here we can say we can create our website in three steps

1. First you need to buy the domain.

2. Then you need to buy hosting.

3. Website development should be done.

Where to buy a domain from:

There are many companies to buy domains from, but I will suggest you purchase domains from Namecheap.

Where to buy hosting from:

 Just as there are many companies to buy domains, there are also many companies that provide hosting, but I suggest you purchase login hosting from Namecheap.

How to do website development:

 You can hire a skilled web developer to do the website development, or you can go to and buy a Blog theme from the various ready-made blog themes available and get the site customized by a WordPress customizer.

What else you need to know about blogging:

Blogging requires you to know several works or thiks like photo editing, SEO, keyword research, etc.

Why photo editing is necessary for blogging:

When you write a Blog, the Blog needs a picture like a cute fictional character that we add as a thumbnail to our Blog.

Why learning SEO is essential:

After writing a blog, you need to do search engine optimization of that Blog. So that when a user comes to Google and searches for that topic, your Blog will appear first. This will increase your blog traffic and increase your income.

Why you need to do keyword research:

If you can figure out the volume of people searching for the topic you are blogging about on google, then you can write your Blog with target keywords and your income will increase manifold.

Finally, whatever blog niche you work on, it must be a niche of your choice. So that you feel happy writing blogs that you never feel bored of writing blogs.